Vaastu Analysis

Vaastu is the sharp instrument we have in our hands to balance the Panchmahabhoot (Land, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) of Mother Nature with the Panchmahabhoot residing within our own body. We resultantly, attain peace, wealth, prosperity and satisfying relationships.

Vaastu –Shastra is derived from the Root word “Vas” which means to reside. While architecture is science and art of designing/construction of buildings, Vaastu Shastra is an interplay of many sciences and relates not just on physical but also a spiritual and metaphysical level.

An ambience that’s been designed in accordance with Vaastu principles has the power to keep the Chakras in the human body balanced and in good motion, thus enabling the person to think, act and feel freely and make his life exhilarating and productive.

The Panch Mahabhoot viz Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Sky have to be given proportionate and sacred allotment in our habitat so that the 5 elements present inside the Human body find their environmental corollary and the FREE FLOW OF ENERGY between the human aura and the environment is maintained.This leads to a healthy mind, body and soul and you feel free enough to think creatively, work energetically and love real pleasure.

Interestingly, when I pointed out that a certain planet is weak / malefic in the person’s horoscope and then later came to study the home plan for the same person, It was found that the same planet was afflicted (as per direction ) in his habitat too.

Its amazing but also very much a part of the Universal Law that the planetary conditions that govern the macro environment (habitat) also have an uncanny resemblance to the planetary conditions in the horoscopes of the persons who are inhabiting that particular habitat.

A Vaastu analysis of your home or commercial space will yield greater riches, growth and satisfaction for you.