Tarot Reading

The human mind possesses endless potential to understand, analyse and interlink the various parameters and stimuli in life, yet it is bound and limited by its own preconceived notions. It is exceedingly bothered and regulated by the environmental challenges it faces.

Tarot is an amazingly interesting, fascinating and accurate ARTISTIC-SCIENCE which when followed with complete sincerity and a genuine psychic desire to unfathom the Divine Patterns of the Universal Energy, yields excellent results for Life Issues Guidance.

A Tarot reading with me will yield accurate and insightful look into the problems surrounding you and making you confused or worried. By using my understanding of cosmic vibes, my deep intuitive connection and a genuine psychological empathy and desire to help the querist, I will set you on the path of clarity and future action with confidence.

Being a certified Astrologer, I combine each Tarot reading with the perspectives of Astrology, Numerology, I-ching etc and the conclusions and remedies suggested are richer and more practical than the average Tarot reading available around you. The Numerology reading is most useful for

  • Knowing your Personal Psychic Number, Destiny Number and Name Number.
  • Understand the planetary combinations based on your RULING NUMBERS.
  • Do Name Correction and Name Analysis of Self and Business Name for best productivity and happiness.
  • Know your appropriate colours, directions and Lucky dates.
  • Know with which Numbers you get along and from which you should stay away