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Namaste, I am a Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Life Coach , Vastu Expert, Numerologist and with my vast knowledge of varied Occult and Divinatory Sciences can guide you towards a Happy and Productive life for yourself.

All Horoscope Readings will include Consultation, soft (free) or printed (chargeable) copy of your horoscope and remedies.

I offer a number of Divination services and you can pick the Reading/Analysis that suits you:

Complete Horoscope Analysis
Covers overall perspective of your life encompassing personal, professional, health, finance issues and the analysis is carried out by considering the Natal Horoscope, Divisional Charts, Jaimini Astrology, Krishnamurthy Astrology.

Details required from the client:

Date of birth, Time of birth (hrs,mins), Place of Birth (city,state,country)
Horary Astrology / Prashna Kundli
In case birth details are not known then Prashna Kundli is cast based on ‘ Seed Number’ provided by the querist.
Birth Time Rectification
Horoscope/Kundali analysis requires accurate Time of Birth since your horoscope is your personal “Life-Path- Map” based on position of planets at the exact moment of your birth.
If you do not have correct Time of Birth or are not sure about it, a detailed calculation can be carried out called “Birth Time Rectification” so that you are empowered with correct Time of Birth and your accurate horoscope can be made.
Sectional/Partial Horoscope Analysis
If you want to explore deeply any one aspect of your horoscope you can go in for “Sectional Analysis” of your horoscope.
Herein 3-5 questions pertaining to any one life issue will be answered. Questions should be specific and clear.

Details required from the client:

Date of birth, Time of birth (hrs,mins), Place of Birth (city,state,country)
Horoscope Matching

My time involved before reading : 2 hours

In these days of sensitive relationships that are breaking up easily, one should go in for detailed Match Making of the horoscopes of the prospective bride-groom before the marriage. The 36 guna matching is the starting point and then the planetary matching is also done to see how the couple will progress in terms of children, finances, health , prestige, emotional happiness once wedded to each other.

Details required from the client:

Date of birth, Time of birth (hrs,mins), Place of Birth (city,state,country)
Tarot Card Reading
Comprehensive Tarot Reading and Counselling.
Multiple Tarot deck option with client.
No birth details Needed
Horoscope + Supplemental Tarot
Combo Package of Horoscope Analysis + Supplemental Tarot Reading
Residential & Commercial Vaastu
Analysis & Remedies will be provided. Vaastu Rectification without demolition available.
Astro Vaastu is a part of the analysis. Details required from the client: Plan of the premises. Both site visits and remote Analysis(by meeting the client/phone/skype) are carried out.
Use Numerology Analysis / Astro Numerology for:
Each number carries Planetary vibrations . Use Numerology Analysis / Astro Numerology for:
  • Name Correction
  • Business Name fixation
  • Know your appropriate colours, directions and Lucky dates
  • Know your Personal Psychic Number, Destiny Number and Name Number
  • Numerology combined with Astrology